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Give delegates a real insight into your event and strengthen your marketing content with a slick promotional video

Marketing your event with video

The event industry is one of the most exciting places to be right now. Events in the corporate sector have evolved from drawn-out seated conferences into truly immersive experiences, with panel discussions, Q&As, polls, games, live entertainment and unique encounters.

But when it comes to running a successful event, there’s still the small matter of convincing people to give up their time to attend. This is still the main challenge for event managers and marketing teams – because ultimately, the delegate has to take a risk. They have to risk their time, for the promise of a great experience. The reason why this is seen as a risk for delegates, is because experiences are subjective.

This is where video can help – by bringing your event to life, and giving potential customers a real taste of what to expect.

Take a look at what we could do…


Corporate event video

We were lucky enough to travel to both India and New York with ISG, capturing content to recap their event and promote next year’s one


Event promo

With plenty of high-octane racing and squealing wheels, this event film had to be pacey and thrilling

Avon Valley

Event filming

Hard to beat on the cute scale, Avon Valley invited us to capture their live lambing event, which was used across their digital channels

Why film an event?

At Life Media UK, we know that marketing events is not the same as selling a product – where you can say “I’ll give you a fiver for 3 doughnuts”. When promoting an event, we have to say “come along to my wonderful event and I’ll give you some value, either as a beautiful memory, compelling learnings, valuable connections or simply just a great time”.

Traditionally, it’s been hard to prove these promises.
This is why video is essential for your event. When selling and marketing an experience, before the target audience part with any money, they’ll want to… you guessed it… experience it!

With a compelling video, an event manager can distil and concentrate the essence of the event, and our skilled team can lovingly piece this together into a short film.

Looking for something else?

Here’s what we could create together…

Testimonial videos

Go beyond Google reviews with emotive storytelling with your customer in the spotlight.

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Social media videos

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Internal comms videos

Lively internal comms videos that train, attract and inform employees.

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Let your imagination run wild with our animated explainers, process and promo videos.

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Adverts & promo videos

This hero content works hard across TV, your website and paid media.

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“The results have been amazing – not just online, but as a sales tool, too. The ROI is about five-fold – every one video gets around 5 jobs, at least. As far as ROI is concerned, it’s a no-brainer.”

Nick Gibb
Bristol Soundproofing