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Explore how our video marketing strategies help marketers win promotions and business owners increase their bottom line.

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To get you next-level results, we’ll analyse your buyer’s journey, your sales process and your audience.

Our video experts can then curate a balanced video strategy, which ignites every part of your sales funnel to deliver consistent and measurable impact.

Your videos will compliment and amplify your current marketing, staying on brand in every frame.

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Attract more leads

Reel in more potential customers with imaginative marketing videos that get people talking

darlington gono

“I like my maths… but I threw my ROI calculation away after the first week! 10x sales in the first week is pretty astounding, so we don’t even consider doing the ROI calculation on video any more. With Life Media UK, the results speak for themselves.”

Darlington Gono

We can help you to attract more leads with videos like this…

science lab at a college

Wiltshire College

Cinema ad

We worked with Wiltshire College to promote their courses in an engaging way to a new audience with this high-end cinema ad.


Testimonial video

This emotive testimonial video gives viewers a taste of life with a stunning Kutchenhaus kitchen; an authentic way to drive more leads.

still from a technology video with man holding phone


B2B video ad

Blackstar wanted a punchy ad to promote their services to local businesses – we use graphic text and snappy shots to keep the pace.

Increase website traffic

Bring customers straight to your online shop window, with videos that boost clicks on your digital ads and earn you more love from Google

testimonial video

“We are thrilled with the results! The videos that the Life Media UK team created have worked really well for us – we’ve been able to build up new audiences, which has really helped us to get our message out there and engage with more people.”

Emily Hill

Videos like these can boost your web traffic…

charles rea


Video blog

Ghyston’s technical expertise shines through in this SEO-friendly video blog.

bcs easter video

British Corner Shop

UGC social media ad

We captured the taste of home through the eyes of British Corner Shop’s expat customers to drive online sales via social channels.

lucy cripps

Lucy Cripps

Promo video

A masterclass in engaging educational content with the one and only Lucy Cripps.

Convert more sales

Snap up more leads with strategic marketing videos which are designed to drive actions throughout your sales funnel

bristol soundproofing sweeping floor

“The results from our Life Media UK videos have been amazing – not just online, but as a sales tool, too. The ROI is about five-fold – every one video gets around 5 jobs, at least. As far as ROI is concerned, it’s a no-brainer.”

Nick Gibb
Bristol Soundproofing

We’ve converted more sales with videos like this…

ted baker coat hanger


Testimonial video

Thrive’s work speaks for itself in this persuasive testimonial video featuring some very happy clients at Ted Baker.

using a flight simulator for a tech video

Stirling Dynamics

Product promo

We love making your products look incredibly cool… just like we did here for technical engineering firm Stirling Dynamics.

giving testimonial on camera

Bristol Soundproofing

Testimonial video

We loved working with Bristol Soundproofing to put their client’s transformational story in the spotlight.

Boost brand awareness

Put your brand firmly in the spotlight with an attention-grabbing promo video, created just for you by our expert video team

lambs in a barn

“The result has been amazing. Our social media video achieved 320k views and over 900 shares, in just one week! Video has really kept that awareness going for us.”

Doug Douglas
Avon Valley

Here’s some of our videos which have boosted brand awareness…

percy pigs

British Corner Shop

Social media promo

A tasty social media piece in the signature M&S style to launch British Corner Shop’s new product line.

giovanni muandumba

Green Bee

Educational video blog

We helped Green Bee to show what matters to them with this educational video blog on sustainability initiatives.

animated video showing laptop

ORX News

Animated explainer video

Animation is perfect for getting more complex messages across, like this one for ORX News.

Grow your business

Reflect your brand with authentic video content that gets you more attention, more advocates and more awesome talent

reassured testimonial

“Life Media UK did an exceptional job of translating our culture into the video. 100% of the time people say that video is their favourite way to hear from us. Life Media have that perfect balance of informality, professionalism and fun.”

Laura Benton

Grow your business with a video like these…

outside expleo office


Workplace safety video

We worked with Expleo to educate their staff on new workplace safety procedures… without sending them to sleep!

itv staff holding up internal comms video signs


Internal comms video

We had a great time creating ITV’s Smart Working campaign, capturing content from across their team for internal comms.


Culture & values video

A great values video gives potential clients and candidates a glimpse into the unique culture of a workplace – like this lovely bunch at Interaction.

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“The end result was incredible.

We now have a professional, unique and personalised video that is perfect for our marketing strategy.

We’ve already achieved great results with Life Media UK, and will continue reaping the rewards in the future.”

Elliott Prendergast
Not Just Travel