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How much does a professional video cost?

We explain how much video REALLY costs, and how to get the most out of your project

Video marketing prices

Finding how much a promotional video costs to make in the UK can be a frustrating task. The common answers include “how long is a piece of string?” and “well, it depends on a number of factors”.

The truth is probably somewhere in between. On this page, we’ll explain our video pricing, the factors that affect the cost of video, and exactly what you get for your money.

What affects the cost of a marketing video?

The are a number of factors that will impact the cost of your video, but the three main ones are…

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Complexity and cost are inextricably linked.

More cameras, more locations, specialised kit, challenging terrain, overnight stays, large crews… these all increase complexity, and thus cost.

The simpler you can make your shoot, the cheaper it will usually be.

A talking-head video blog filmed in Bristol is cheaper than an 18-night safari shoot in South Africa… obviously.

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The duration of the video can (although not always) play a part in cost.

Usually, shorter videos are cheaper – compared to a 1-minute video, a 5-minute video usually requires more planning, more complexity, more production, and more post production time.

That said, a 30-second advert can be way more expensive than a 2-minute promotional video because of the complexity, as stated above.

editing a video


Finally, we get to the number of deliverables.

The more videos you want, the more it will cost.

However, this is usually a great way to increase your ROI – thanks to the economy of scale and some clever planning, you’ll get more videos at a cheaper cost per video.

What do I actually get for my money?

At Life Media UK, we believe that your videos should be sales and marketing tools – they need to generate you more leads, and convert those leads into sales.

Our mantra has always been ‘Film with Thought’; the simple idea that we need to think before we film.

It’s this video strategy that continues to separate us from our competition, and continues to boost results for our clients.

Our method is simple: a volume of videos, which hit various parts of the buyer journey, delivered consistently.

Would you write one blog and claim success? Would you publish one LinkedIn post and wait for the phone to ring? We doubt it!

Video is no different. The digital landscape shifts and changes. We need a volume of content to break through the noise, we need a variety of content to ensure we resonate, and we need to do it consistently to build trust and be in the right place at the right time.

When you work with us, you’ll always get:

✔️ A video strategy session, to plan what’s really going to work
✔️ A creative session, to make sure it looks good
✔️ A dedicated Project Manager
✔️ A Videographer and a Producer (the bigger the project, the bigger the team)
✔️ A chance to make amends to the video (for FREE)
✔️ Help with optimisation, including free SRT files
✔️ A distribution session to make sure we get your video seen

Our team of video marketing experts will give you a real video marketing strategy that’s filled with ideas, and will walk with you through the execution, delivery and distribution of your video project.

We become part of your team; think of us as your outsourced, in-house video department.

Transform your marketing results
with a video retainer

To be truly effective, content can’t exist in a vacuum.

We’ve developed our video marketing retainers to allow our clients to get real results by fuelling their marketing campaigns with consistently high-quality content.

Find out how a video marketing retainer can feed your content creation machine, and become a core part of your marketing strategy…

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How much does a professional video cost?

Retainers: Our retainer packages start from £1,000 plus VAT a month. This can work out as a little as £300 – £500 per film.

One-offs: If we’re working on a project basis, prices start at £2,500 plus VAT.

Price range: Need a range? Most of our project clients spend around £3,000 – £5,000 plus VAT, and most of our retainer clients spend around £12,000 – £36,000 plus VAT (yeah, we appreciate this is a much bigger range!).

Use our video cost calculator
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Can you do me a deal on my video price?

Can we do something for less than £2,500? Maybe. It’s worth asking, especially if it’s just something small, like filming a talk for a couple of hours.

We might not always be able to accommodate, but we have a strong network and can usually connect you with someone who can.

Additionally, we’ve done all sorts of deals in the past. We’ve done trade of services, free work for charities and stuff that’s just really fun and good for our portfolio, at basically cost price. So it’s always worth asking – we won’t be offended!

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A fixed scope of work package

For this type of video retainer, we’ll work with you to build a video marketing strategy over the next 12 months. We’ll plan the different types of video, and the number of videos. There’s room for flexibility, but ultimately we’re committing to a number of videos from the outset.

This works great for businesses that know the type of video they want, or are trying to build the foundational cornerstones of their video marketing.

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An agreed set of time

This type of video retainer is much more flexible, and requires quarterly planning. This is great for businesses who operate in an ever-changing industry, as well as businesses looking for social media content only.

In this type of video retainer, we agree a fixed set of production and post production type per quarter. For example, this could be 3 filming days and 15 edit days. We would then look to achieve as many edits as possible within this timeframe.

It takes 1 – 2 filming days to fully understand what works, what’s achievable and how we can streamline the process to optimise the output. It allows us to be really reactive and create content based on feedback, hence why it’s brilliant for those looking for a social first video solution.

reading a video script

A mix of both

This type of retainer is – you guessed it – a mix of both.

We’re pretty flexible, and we want your video marketing to work for you, your budget and your capacity. We’re happy to agree to a set scope of work and then keep the communication lines open, adapting and changing as we see fit.

As long as it works for both parties from a cost and delivery perspective, then we’re happy. It’s a very grown up way of doing business, don’t you think?

Find out more about retainers

How much does a video retainer cost?

Use the sliders below to choose how many videos you’d like to get each year, and we’ll show you what your video marketing retainer could cost.

This price calculator is a guide only; please speak to our team for a bespoke quote. Not all packages will be eligible for monthly payments.

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