Find out how much video costs, and how to get consistent results from sustained video marketing with a retainer.

Consistent results need consistent marketing

In today’s digital world, it’s hard to win business.

In the days of more traditional media, one single campaign used to cut it – nowadays, the content competition is fierce, and fighting for your customers’ attention is tough.

With customers consuming content at a rapid rate, and actively buying based on your digital presence and social proof, we need to stand out, add value, and educate… all without being dull.

The digital landscape is so dynamic and over-saturated that if you’re not creating content that resonates with and engages your target audience, it just gets lost in the noise…

So how to cut through? Easy – with a stream of high quality content that packs a real punch.

To win, we need to consistently produce high-value content

When it comes to the number of customer interactions it takes to create a conversion, the data varies. The one thing that all of the experts can agree on, is that you definitely need to interact more than once!

You’d throw out a social media agency that suggested one social post every four months. You’d laugh at an SEO agency who said one blog a year would suffice. So why would you trust a video strategy agency that will only produce one standalone video?

So to gain traction online, we need to create a steady stream of content that your customers get real value from. But keeping up with the pace can be exhausting, and how do you know if it’s really working?

Stand out and compete with strategic video marketing

To capture customers online, we need to do more than churn out content – it needs to be rooted in strategy and tailored to your sales funnel. It needs to tell your story and sell your product, all in a short space of time. And to make it worth your while, the results need to be measurable.

The best way to do all that? Video, of course.

Inject your entire sales cycle with video, and watch how it influences your customers’ behaviour at each step of the process.

Transform your marketing results

We know that the content treadmill can be a bit of a headache. That’s where video retainers come in.

A video retainer moves away front the traditional one-off video projects that we saw boom in the early 00s and 10s. It replaces this with an organised and calculated system of producing and releasing relevant, strategic video content for our audiences to consume.

Sound good? Get in touch today, and we can show you how video can transform your online channels into a well-oiled marketing machine.

What is a video retainer package?

Sometimes, one great video isn’t enough to hit your big goals. Our retainer packages are designed for companies who are keen to see real, lasting results from regular video content, by taking things to the next level.

By committing to a set number of video production hours each month, we’re able to provide you with regular, high-quality video content, spreading the cost across a number of months.

Our skilled team of experts work with you to create everything from video ads and promos through to vlogs, social media cuts and even personalised video for email campaigns. The sky’s the limit.

This gives you a focussed and consistent video marketing strategy, at a more affordable price.

What are the benefits?

Video is here to stay.

Your potential customers are already using video to understand and discover brands, and if you’re not using video to speak to them you’re missing out.

As well as converting viewers into customers, video also helps people to find you online. Since Google owns YouTube, the search engine heavily favours video content in question-based search results, showing content from… you guessed it… YouTube. So if you’re keen to get more organic customers online, video is your new best friend.

We’re not here for vanity projects – our philosophy is rooted in driving sales through useful and impactful video.

With Life Media UK, you not only get professional video production, but we’ll also set you up with a solid video marketing strategy to support it.

This means that everything from your marketing campaigns and online content, through to your customer journey and sales funnel, are all working in harmony – driving towards the results that you really want.

Centred in strategy

We’re not just a pretty face – as well as creating film with thought, we’re here to devise strategic content that hits your KPIs.We seek out opportunities in your marketing strategy, by concentrating on the three key parts of your sales cycles: awareness, consideration, decision.We then use these insights to create laser-targeted video that speaks directly to your customers.

Consistent content = predictable results

Managing multiple video projects can add a lot to your (already full) plate.Our collaborative approach means that we supply the ideas and the strategy, taking care of the stress of creating content.This steady stream of fresh videos engages your target market and cements your authority, making your marketing results more predictable and showing you real ROI.

On-hand experts

When opportunity knocks, you want to take advantage.Having our professional video marketing team on-hand means that you can capture PR stories, promote new launches and capitalise on those perfect filming opportunities with ease.By flexing our content formats each month, we’re always responding to your current business situation, keeping things right on target.

How does it work?

We’ll work with you to find the right package for your needs, based on your goals, budget and business model.

This gives you access to a set bundle of video production days each month, made up of filming and editing.

We’ll then plan your content, shoot, edit and deliver, each and every month.

This consistent stream of brand new video content keeps the content creation wheels turning and your marketing strategy pumping.

How much does video cost?

With our flexible retainer model, the volume of content created each month is tailored to your business goals.

We’ll look at the output (how many videos, and how long) and the complexity (how, where and how long we shoot for) of your video project, to put together a retainer package for you.

The number of films that we can create for you each month is also related to the type and complexity of content required – for example, one month you may want to raise awareness via 12 vlogs and 3 Facebook videos, and the next you might run a digital ad campaign through a full-length advert and social media cuts.

Here are our ready-made retainer package options – take a look at what you could get each month:

The more information you can have about your vision, and the output and complexity of your videos, the easier it is to gain an accurate price.

We’re here to make video work for you, and take the guess work out of video by creating content that’s designed to meet your needs.

This gives you a total of 26 films – that’s 1 new film for you to release each week, all for under £350 per film!

This cost-effective and strategic way of using video to market your business is why so many brands are choosing video marketing retainers, rather than high-cost and low-return standalone video options.

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