Vidyard add-on

Ready to take your video marketing to the next level?
Get superior insights and jaw-dropping sales features with Vidyard.

Take your video up a gear

Video supercharges your sales and marketing process like nothing else.

The reason why video is so powerful? Selling with video allows you to connect with your prospects face-to-face… even if you’re through a screen.

At Life Media UK, we’ve partnered with video hosting and sales platform Vidyard to enhance our retainer packages, helping you to take things to the next level and get the most out of your video marketing.

Take a look at what Vidyard can do…

Improve customer onboarding with Vidyard

When you add Vidyard to your video marketing retainer, you can add a bespoke video touch to every stages of your sales cycle – from prospecting to proposals.

With Vidyard on your side, video can boost your email open rates by up to 500%, and amp up your response rates by over 200%.

Sell more with personalised video

Simply put, companies who are leading their business with video are closing deals quicker, increasing productivity and winning more business through the sheer power of their communication.

And now that 85% of people want to see more videos from a brand before making a purchase, your prospects don’t just love video – they expect it.

Gain deeper insights with advanced analytics

With Vidyard’s powerful hosting and analytics platform plugged in to your retainer package, we can give you solid analytics on your video (and your viewers) like never before – helping you to prove ROI and hit KPIs.

Ready to transform your business with video?

We thought so. Let’s show you how.

Why add Vidyard to your video retainer package?

How can Vidyard support my business?

Video has a home in every step of your sales and marketing journey; from prospecting and proposals through to reviews and referrals.

Ramp up your sales activity with…

→ Personalised outreach videos
→ Video proposals and pitches
→ Personalised product demos
→ Ready-made FAQ responses
→ Custom videos for each stage of the lead cycle

Elevate your marketing via…

→ Superior brand marketing content
→ Conversive videos to support digital ad campaigns
→ Next-level lead gen
→ Laser focussed lead qualification
→ Expert lead nurturing

When it comes to communicating with your target audience, video pack more punch and creates a stronger connection than any other medium.

How much does Vidyard cost?

With our flexible retainer model, you can add Vidyard capabilities to your existing video marketing package, allowing you to get the most out of your video content.

We’ve got a range of ready-made retainer package options available to add Vidyard to – so getting started with next-level video marketing is easier than ever.

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“The end result was incredible.

We now have a professional, unique and personalised video that is perfect for our marketing strategy.

We’ve already achieved great results with Life Media UK, and will continue reaping the rewards in the future.”

Elliott Prendergast
Not Just Travel