How to measure the impact of video marketing

9 Aug 2021 How to

If you’re a marketer, you’re probably already using Google Analytics, social media insights and email campaign tracking as part of your reporting metrics for your latest campaigns.

But how do you really measure the results from a video?

At Life Media UK, we love Vidyard. It offers an unparalleled level of video specific analytics. Here’s how…

What type of analytics are available for video?

Vidyard gives you video performance insights that have previously only been available anecdotally, or by taking your website and social media stats and making assumptions about the how the video itself has performed.

With Vidyard plugged into your marketing campaigns, you can glean insights such as the average percentage of video watched, and who watched it!

Tailor your comms with individual viewer insights

Track who is watching your video, and get a notification in real time when it happens. This insight is gold dust for your sales team!

Being able to understand each viewer’s engagement across your videos allows you to inform your next sales and marketing move, using data to create far more personalised marketing content for each user’s individual journey.

Want to introduce automation to really make things fly? You’re in luck! With Vidyard’s HubSpot integration you can start lead-scoring each viewer, creating lists of viewers who watch specific videos (e.g a video on pricing) and implementing ‘if/then’ workflows triggered by how much of a video each viewer watched. This means that each of your prospective clients is suddenly being sent comms that actually resonate with them, perfectly tailored to nudge them to the next step of the buying journey.

Now you’ve got video analytics which inform an automated and super-tailored sales funnel. Take that Youtube!

Understand engagement with viewer heat maps

Heat mapping allows you to see which sections of a video are getting the most views – are people rewinding and re-watching a specific section, or are they skipping ahead in a lengthier part?

This is especially great when it comes to training, as you can see which parts of the video have been viewed once, twice, or 3+ times! If you see that a particular section is viewed more than once, then this is an indication that either you aren’t being clear enough; or people are re-watching a point which generates the most interest.

From a marketing perspective, you can see what parts of your video bore your audience, when they cut short, which parts they skip and which parts they love. This immediate feedback means you can tweak and finetune your videos to optimise them for engagement, gaining valuable insights that go beyond market research or ad hoc feedback.

Get oversight of viewing figures across all hosted channels

Want to know how well your video is doing across multiple platforms?

Vidyard brings that data all into once place. It kind of goes without saying that Vidyard will report views on it’s own platform! But you can also see view stats for each channel your video is featured on, allowing you to tailor your supporting marketing content to suit the activity on each channel.

This is also useful when it comes to paid media – you can make sure you’re sending traffic to the right place to get your video seen, and ultimately to drive those conversions.

Understand your audience with insights

With Vidyard, you can learn about how your audience is watching your video, where they are located and the number of unique viewers, as well as total viewers.

Are you getting the same people coming back to watch your content? Great, that means you’re doing a good job at nurturing them! Time to put some more CTAs in place to help them take the next step with you.

Add CTAs to your videos, and track engagement

With Vidyard’s ability to add CTAs directly on the video, you can take advantage of key moments to convert your video viewers.

You can then track how how many times these CTAs have been clicked – perfect for linking high-value content, conversion pages and lead magnets!

Capture leads with gated content

If your content is of higher value to the viewer, you can add an email address capture before the play button, so that you can gather leads directly from your video.

This is ideal for videos that sit further down your sales funnel, as it allows you to capture contact details of engaged viewers and add them to a relevant email trail.

You’ll also get notifications when email addresses are captured – so that you can see who’s watching, and when you should be following them up!

Track consumer sentiment with NPS scoring

Through the industry-leading CTAs that Vidyard incorporates, you can capture net promoter scores directly in your video. Want to know if your videos are actually solving problems, answering queries and changing the perception of your brand? The NPS will tell you! 

How to get access to Vidyard video analytics

This level of video analytics is exactly why we partner with Vidyard! When you combine this incredibly insightful data with solid video strategy, you’ve added a pretty bulletproof video marketing arm to your business.

As a certified Vidyard Supplier, we can help you leverage those analytics to increase contact rates, conversions, open rates, engagement, user experience and more. Our video marketing retainer clients get access to Vidyard’s analytics, as well as regular video marketing that actually gets results – it’s the whole package.

If you’re ready to scale your video marketing, win more business, provide a better customer experience and generally crush video, get in touch today.