How to use consistent marketing to your advantage

11 Mar 2021 How to

How many times do you need to repeat something before it gets remembered? How many times do you need to repeat something before it gets remembered? How many times do you need… you get the picture!

The answer might be 7, 14, 20? If you ask different people, they’ll say different things, but the answer you are almost certain not to hear is “once”.

One is not enough

Consistency has always been important, but in a world of inbound marketing, fast-paced digital landscapes, and the constant churn of fresh content, consistency is not just important – it’s vital for the survival of your marketing messages.

No one in their right mind would suggest a social media strategy that was based on one post a year. Nor would an SEO specialist tell you that one blog is going to transform everything.

You would fire your sales team in a heartbeat if they thought making just one call was acceptable.

Yet so many people post just one video.

The world’s moved on. One video is not enough.

How to stand out with content

You need frequency, volume and consistency in order to stand out from your competition, resonate with your target audience, and of course, to be remembered.

As we mentioned at the start of this video, the exact number of times you need to repeat a message until it sticks is debated, but it’s definitely not once.

How to be consistent with video

So why bother with video when it comes to a consistent marketing approach? Isn’t video just one-off and then never again?

Well, no.

We’ve got three words for you: macro to micro.

With a macro-to-micro video strategy, you create a long form video, say five minutes or longer, which can then be spliced into shorter videos, repurposed into a blog post, transformed into graphics and concentrated it into an email campaign.

Why? Because who has the time to come up with different ideas for all those different mediums?

Not us.

Do you really want to waste 15 ideas when you can do one idea and repurpose it into five different strategies?

This isn’t about being lazy, this is about being smart; instead of 15 ideas lasting just over two weeks, you can have that same set of ideas last around two months. It’s a no brainer.

And guess what? Because you’re re-purposing the same messaging, It’s more likely to stick, more likely to resonate, and more likely to be seen.

So get consistent, get creating and start your video journey right now!

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