Is video marketing right for my business?

4 Oct 2021 How to

Video used be a ‘desirable’. A luxury. Something reserved for those organisations that could afford it.

Now video is simply expected from a business as a way of communicating with your customers, and it’s become a pillar of digital marketing itself. 

Video is a good fit for almost every business; if you have something to sell, then you need to let your audience know. Video is one of the most effective tools you can use to connect with your ideal client, influence their behaviour and get them to buy from you.

The reason why video is such a powerful influencer is because you can build trust with video at a pace that’s not easily matched by any other form of marketing. 

But even after all of that, we still sometimes hear business owners, MDs and CEOs ask whether video is right for their business. 

The most common objections to investing in video include:

  1. It’s too expensive for us
  2. We don’t have anything worth filming
  3. We don’t use social media much

Let’s go through each of these points…

It’s too expensive

If you’re not sure how much professional video production actually costs, we break down the cost of video right here.

If you’re not ready to invest in video, you do have a few alternative options. There are plenty of free ways to incorporate video into your marketing, like user-generated content (videos made by your customers), content captured on a phone, TikTok videos, Instagram stories, Zoom recordings, recorded webinars and even video creation tools like Canva.

These free tools are a great way to give your customers the videos they expect, without much upfront cost. They can also work well, if supported by a solid strategy – it’s important to remember your audience at all times, and consider the position of the video in your sales funnel. Ask yourself why someone would watch this video, what they want to get out of it, and therefore what the key messages are that you want to get across. It’s also essential to consider your platform when creating video – if you’re making video for social media, you’re likely to get more success by keeping things short, snappy and eye-catching.

Video should be seen as an investment, because when it’s executed correctly, you can 10x your sales, generate a consistent flow of new leads, and even cut your costs.

With a well thought out and well-executed strategy which hits various parts of your sales cycle and is fine-tuned to your audiences’ needs, your video marketing will yield great results, as well as elevating your other marketing activities.

If you still don’t think video is the best place to invest your marketing budget, then what else can boost your email open rates by 19%, increase the conversion rate of your landing page by 80%, and is watched by over 55% of people every day? If you’re serious about marketing, your campaigns should be video-first.

There’s nothing to film

We can sometimes hear this from service providers. If you don’t sell a product or a tangible thing, then video is actually the PERFECT marketing activity for you. 

With video you can showcase experiences, tell stories, and humanise a brand. You don’t need to show a product when you can visualise an experience – and as long as your business impacts people in some way, you have people to film.

Animations are also an ideal match for service providers – if you have a complex business model, or service that you need to describe step-by-step, an animated explainer can turn abstract or complex ideas into digestible visual concepts.

Animation also allows you to illustrate things which can’t actually be filmed, transforming those intangibles into real experiences.

We don’t use social media much

Video is so much more than social media! Video is a key element in email campaigns, paid ads, landing pages, websites, sales presentations, customer services and outreach campaigns.

Check out our full list of 14 clever ways to boost your sales and marketing activity (and make more money!) with video.

With video on your side, you can take your key messages straight to your target customer, as if you were talking directly to them in real life. Make your email campaigns more compelling than ever with an attention-grabbing video, and transform your digital experience with a standout brand promo or helpful how-to videos.

If you don’t use social media to its full advantage, maybe that’s because your content hasn’t resonated as much as it could with your target audience? Video not only improves your reach on social media, but it also creates content that your customers can learn from and engage with, giving an insight into your brand that’s hard to replicate through any other medium. Why not give it a try?

If you’d like know how video could work for your business, we’d love to give you some ideas! Get in touch today to talk to our expert video team.