Why an explainer video is the perfect way to launch a new product

9 Jun 2022 Product videos

Explainer videos are a staple video tool for both product and service providers. In this blog, we’ll explore specifically why they are the perfect type video to launch a new product. We’ll look at what an explainer video is, why they work and how you can use them for your next product launch.

What is a product explainer video?

The purpose of an explainer video is to deliver lots of information in an engaging yet informative way. There are number of different styles that can be used, from animated explainers through to live action video blogs – sometimes you can even create a hybrid of both.

What type of explainer video is right for my product?

As a rule of thumb, if you’re selling a service then an animated explainer works best, whereas if you’re selling a product then a live action explainer is the best fit. This is because we want to see the product being used; and because it’s a real, tangible, physical thing, the viewer is keen to see the evidence!

Of course, a live action video can still work well to promote a service, especially if the service is visual (e.g. a cosmetic, mechanical or industrial process). However, creating a live action service video can begin to get tricky when you dive into the world of software, as 1s and 0s aren’t very exciting, so we’d tend to look at the end result that the software facilitates and film that instead. 

Why do product explainer videos work?

Explainer videos work because they answer the un-asked questions. They tackle objections before they arise, and they remove friction from the buying journey by giving the viewer more information and easing their concerns.

Typically, we see this type of video leaning more towards the logical reasoning type of messaging, which helps the viewer to rationalise their decision. It’s not to say that product explainers should be void of any emotive hooks, but they do need to actually explain the service or product, as well as the buying process, and then lightly touch on the results.

Want to take your explainer to the next level?

Include a social proof sandwich! It looks like this:

Call to action > Social Proof > Call to action

This technique will help to increase conversion rates – the first call to action is actually a primer, whilst the second one is more of an instruction, which will feel like it holds more weight because of the social proof influencing your decision. 

Social proof is a huge influencing factor (whether it’s written or visual), so make sure to include happy customers to help the viewer feel at ease in making their decision. If your product is new, you may want to include some statistics from focus groups instead – for example, “8 out of 10 people agreed they would buy video again”.

How to get started…

At Life Media UK, we are a video production agency with a huge amount of experience in creating videos that sell a plethora of services and products – from ultrasound scans for expectant mothers, to meteorology-grade robot monitors.

If you’d like some ideas or inspiration for your video explainer, then give us a call and we can schedule a chat.