How we used video to help a B2B service provider win new contracts

3 Aug 2023 Clients

With attention spans shrinking and competition on the rise, B2B video content needs to stand out from the crowd. We worked with IT consultancy Team Metalogic to help them to do just that!

Like many B2B businesses, their service is a considered purchase with a long sales cycle. We were tasked with creating video content to help nudge leads along the sales cycle, speed up the sales process, and ensure they’re not losing anyone’s interest along the way.

In this blog post, we explore three video strategies that we used for Team Metalogic’s B2B marketing videos, ready for you to use to drive meaningful engagement at every stage of your sales process…

B2B case study videos

Case study videos serve as a powerful testament to the value of your product or service. They’re all about social proof – by showcasing real life success stories and demonstrating how your brand has solved specific problems for happy customers, you’re able to build trust and win new clients.

To create a compelling case study video, we’d recommend choosing a client whose challenges align closely with the pain points of your target audience. You can then highlight the impact your solution has had on their business, such as increased efficiency, cost savings or improved outcomes.

Authenticity and relatability are crucial in establishing trust with potential customers, and case studies have that in bucketloads. We worked with Team Metalogic to create a series of videos to show how much of an impact they had on their client, Ted…

Employee videos

We all know that people buy people, not things – and in the B2B world, building those meaningful personal connections is essential. Employee stories are an excellent way to humanise your brand and showcase the people behind your company, by sharing the personal journeys and experiences from employees across a range of roles.

Employee videos can be used to illustrate how your employees work cohesively as a team and with clients, and deliver outstanding service. This can reinforce your USPs, as well as your brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction. ‘Meet the team’ videos can also be a clever way to highlight your company’s values, culture, and work environment; this can help attract like-minded customers, as well as potential employees.

We helped Team Metalogic to sell the talent and personalities within their staff, with the aim of humanising their brand and building trust…

B2B video blogs

Educational videos blogs are an effective way to establish expertise, build credibility and provide valuable insights to your audience. By addressing common challenges that your target audience may be facing, you can use video blogs to offer practical solutions and tips, as well as to discuss industry trends and showcase your knowledge.

Educational video content can also be used to take your audience behind the scenes of your company, and show the process of product development, the latest innovations or other lesser-known aspects of business that may interest your viewers. You can also bring key team members into the spotlight to showcase their expertise and build familiarity.

To keep video blogs engaging and easy to follow, we recommend using a conversational tone, and support the content with visuals and infographics where appropriate.

Here’s an example of an educational video blog that we created for Team Metalogic, as a way to share their expertise with viewers…

Using a combination of the 3 types of video above is a powerful way to hit different touchpoints along your B2B marketing strategy; raising awareness with video blogs, supporting consideration through testimonials, and winning clients over at the crucial decision phase with charming employee stories.

If you’re looking for a video marketing agency that can help you attract more leads and win more B2B clients, Life Media UK are here to help. Talk to us today about how we can use our B2B video experience to deliver a video marketing strategy that really works.