3 conversion essentials that your website could be missing

29 Jul 2021 How to

How can you improve the SEO, dwell time, engagement AND conversion rates of your website? With video, of course!


Because you can deliver lots of information, quickly, easily and in a way that makes your audience pay attention.

In this blog, we’ll look at 3 key types of marketing videos which your website could be missing out on – and how they can make it work harder to attract, nurture and convert more leads.

Educate your audience with video blogs

Let’s start at the top of the funnel. Education! Use video blogs to showcase expertise, stamp your authority and build trust through education. You can create themes that your video blogs fall into, including FAQs, objection blockers, pain prescriptions, professional insights and opinion pieces on topical issues. 

Our advice would be to use these videos on your blog pages, and have them transcribed. That way you can include the written blog underneath your video, and grab some sweet SEO benefits. 

Don’t forget to interlink other pages of your website on your blog page so that there is a clear user journey, and you make the most of that engage web traffic by pushing people along your funnel.

Here’s one of our favourite video blogs:

Show, don’t tell’ with explainer videos

Explainers are brilliant videos to use on your service pages. You can utilise video to really showcase what you do, rather than just telling your audience. Typically, explainer videos have been used for products, but you can get creative and produce amazing service-based explainers through the use of clever animation to bring your processes to life. 

Explainers should be clear, simple and easy to follow. They should almost be a mini sales pitch, but without the strong sales message! Showcase what your product or service is, what you can do, and what the benefits are for your audience. 

Here’s an animated explainer we created to illustrate a service:

Convert visitors with case study videos

Video case studies, also known as video testimonials, are one of the most compelling marketing videos you can make as a business. They leverage the influencing power of social proof and storytelling, so that you can sell to your customers in a non-pushy way. 

Ensure your client remains the hero of the story, and you are the guide (see Building a Story Brand for more info).

Also, avoid making a glorified Google review. Make sure your client delves into the emotional part of their journey with you, and what brought them to this point. What were their pains and problems? What challenges and obstacles did you help them overcome? Then what was the result? More importantly, what value did that result have on their business? Logic, numbers and stats are great, but ensure you wrap that in emotion, so that it truly resonates with your target audience.

You can the power of testimonials all over your website, especially on the home page and the contact us page – these are key places where you want to push conversion, so a bit of social proof goes a long way!

Here’s one of our recent testimonial videos, showing the power of an emotive story:

So there you have it! Three simple ways to boost your website with video.

If you’re looking for better results from your marketing, video could be the missing piece of the puzzle. Get in touch today and we can walk you through your options with a no-obligation video chat.