How engineering companies can use video marketing

7 Jul 2023 How to

Engineering is a competitive landscape, where it can be hard to gain visibility and credibility amongst your target audience.

While traditional marketing channels can still be impactful, building video into your marketing strategy can give you just the boost you need to make sure that your firm’s always two steps ahead of the competition.

Here’s how to make it work for your business…

The benefits of video marketing in engineering

Video is now a tried-and-trusted marketing strategy for many engineering firms, and for good reason! Since 69% of consumers prefer to watch a short video to learn more about a brand’s products or services, and 84% of people have made a purchase based on a brand’s video, it’s clear that video is a highly engaging form of content that can capture the attention of your audience quickly. It also allows you to convey complex information in a simple and easy-to-understand way, making it an excellent tool to showcase your firm’s expertise.

Since most engineering services or products are a considered purchase, keeping leads warm throughout your pipeline is really crucial. Video allows you to send targetting, timely and consistent message to customers at key points throughout their buying journey, making sure your brand stays front of mind.

Many engineering firms are keen to avoid being commoditised, with clients simply looking for the cheaper price – video is perfect to counteract this, as it allows you to clearly communicate your USPs above and beyond price alone, such as your expertise, your service, and your values. Since 82% of consumers now aim to buy from brands whose values align with their own, expressing your values is key!

Video can also help to improve your search engine rankings, making it easier for potential clients to find you online. By optimising your videos for search engines, you can increase your visibility and drive more traffic to your website. Videos are also easy to share on websites, social media channels and industry-specific platforms, maximising your potential exposure to a wider audience. This then allows viewers to become brand advocates by sharing videos with their own networks, leading to exponential growth in reach.

One of the biggest advantages of video marketing is the ability to track and measure the impact of your campaigns. Online video platforms provide detailed analytics, enabling you to monitor metrics such as views, engagement rates, click-through rates, and viewer demographics. These insights can help refine your video marketing strategy and optimise content for better results, ensuring that you’re hitting that all-important ROI.

Here are 4 ways for engineering firms to use video to connect with their target audience, promote their services and grow their business…

1) Product Demonstrations

Using video to showcase your products and services in action gives you the unique opportunity to give the digital equivalent of a real-life sales pitch to viewers across the globe. No more waiting for trade shows or expos to show off your products; an engaging video takes the experience directly to your target audience, whenever you need it.

Videos have the innate ability to captivate viewers and evoke emotions in ways that text or static images often cannot, so by demonstrating how your products work you can help potential clients better understand their benefits and features.

Integrating videos into your marketing activity creates an immersive and interactive experience for your audience. Whether it’s a virtual tour of a site, a time-lapse video showcasing the manufacturing progress, or an interview with key team members, videos engage viewers on a deeper level, fostering an authentic connection.

2) Testimonials & Case Studies

Video testimonials from satisfied clients can be a powerful tool for engineering firms when it comes to building trust, by providing that all-important social proof. Trust is a critical factor in the decision-making process, and provides an opportunity to build relationships with prospective clients. Since most decisions are based on emotion, if we can show viewers how your product or service can help them to overcome the challenges they face, it goes a long way to nudging them over the line.

Video offers a unique way to humanise your firm and showcase the personalities behind the projects – introducing team members, sharing success stories and highlighting your firm’s values and culture can help build familiarity and grow a connection.

Seeing the faces and hearing the voices of the people behind the brand instils confidence and fosters a sense of familiarity in a way that traditional media simply can’t.

3) Brand Storytelling

Engineering firms can use video to tell their brand story and showcase their expertise. By sharing your company’s history, values and mission, you can connect with your audience on a deeper level and build a stronger brand.

Video is the perfect way to convey complex concepts and technical information in a visually compelling and easily digestible format. By using clever storytelling techniques, your firm can showcase projects, highlight your expertise, and demonstrate your unique value proposition, while visual elements such as animation, 3D renderings and project walkthroughs can help potential clients better understand your firm’s capabilities.

4) Educational Content

Lastly, engineering firms can create educational videos that provide real value to their audience.

Engineers possess a wealth of knowledge, which can be effectively communicated through informative and educational videos. These videos can address topics like common industry challenges, provide solutions to complex problems, or share valuable insights and best practices.

By sharing your expertise and knowledge, you can position your company as a thought leader in your industry, enhancing your credibility and attracting clients seeking expert guidance and innovative solutions.

Video marketing is a powerful tool that can help engineering firms grow their business and connect with potential clients on a deeper level. By incorporating video into your firm’s marketing efforts, you can harness the persuasive power of this medium to elevate your brand, showcase your capabilities, and ultimately drive growth.

If you’re looking for a video marketing agency who understands the nuances of engineering marketing, our professional video team are here to help. We’ve been helping brands cut through the noise with powerful videos for over 10 years, and are experienced in getting results.

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