Building Trust Using Video

13 Aug 2018 How to

Building Trust Using Video

Trust, is a huge influencer when we spend money. Use a promo video to involve your customer. Why? Because that will help build up trust and according to Havas Media, only 22% of brands are trusted. You refer a trusted painter and decorator to a friend, your friend tells you about this nice restaurant, your mum needs a new carpet so you call your mate Dave etc. Why do we choose these options over others? Because we only want to spend money with people we trust.

How do we build trust?

Be clever with your video marketing. Instead of just selling, why not use your promo video to help your prospective clients, teach the customer about the value of the brand, take them behind the scenes and dunk them in your world, connect with them! This will create high levels of engagement and build a meaningful rapport between your brand and your customer.

The real challenge is creating powerful and memorable content that makes the audience feel something. When thinking about a trust-building film, you should consider:

For Example

Take a look at the film we created for Gaze Burvill a prestigious Oak furniture company.


They tell their story and take the viewer behind the scenes. Showcasing the skill involved, the thought behind each design, their commitment to sustainability and about the oak itself. It provides a transparent view of the business, making it more personal and giving people a deeper understanding of the brand. There is no mistaking that Gaze Burvill furniture is high end. Consumers will pay the price because they can see what goes into each piece of furniture and they believe in the company. Customers now buy into the brand, not just the product!

Want more in-depth advice on building trust via film, pop us a message, we love a good chat so please feel free! We’ve also recently createdn E-Book, giving you the low down on all things video sales, download it here!