3 Tips for a 60 Second Promotional Video

20 Jun 2016 How to

The brief was simple. ”Make me a 60 second promo video that has real impact and tells people what I’m about”.

Cameron Parker is the #1 School Motivational Speaker in the country right now.

He wanted a short promo video to go on to the main page of his website, as well as to use on social media campaigns.

The film needed to speak to his decision makers (teachers and headteachers), it needed to capture their attention… and frankly, it needed to blow them away.

The solution

Well we knew that content wasn’t going to be an issue. Cameron has a fantastic range of content, and we knew we could pull out powerful snippets and sound bites from the various talks we have filmed with him in the past.

We also know that he has lots of testimonials already, so again, we utilised those and included them in the video. Now, if we can just pause here and think about why we did that…

The viewer is going to want to hear something from the horse’s mouth – especially when the product/service on offer is Cameron and his speaking. So we knew this was vital in order to showcase what Cameron has to offer, but the sound bites had to be short and powerful. This would ensure that they kept with the pace of the 60 second promotional video, but by keeping them short we also keep the viewer engaged.

The point of the film was deliver a powerful message quickly, so we didn’t need Cameron to deliver an entire principle, or explain an entire story – we needed something punchy and quick because that’s the aim of the film.

Cameron is the UK’s number 1 school motivational speaker for a reason. Teachers and students love him. And seeing as teachers would be the intended target audience for this 60 second promo, it made sense that they heard a review from one of their peers.

This social proof concept is something we explain in more detail here, and it’s worth checking out if you haven’t already.


Once we got the content nailed, we focused on the style. One word summed up the feel we were going for with this 60 second promotional video – BOLD.

The video needed to be bold, and provide a big statement, the aim being to drive traffic to the website and to get teachers to find out more. We achieved this through powerful music accompanied with dynamic and fast paced cuts.

Our key tip here is to know your audience, and know your ethos. We knew Cameron Parker was out to shake up the world of motivational speaking. We knew he needed a 60 second promo video which would capture the attention of teachers and make them act – so we used the appropriate methods to do so.

If Cameron’s audience was different, or if his overall message was different, this video would be useless. So when looking to create a 60 second promotional video for your business, make sure you know who you’re aiming it at and what it says about your business.

Cameron’s passionate demeanour and ‘straight to the point’ style of speaking is reflected in the film, and that is so important to get right. If your marketing content isn’t reflecting your business, then you run the risk of either attracting the wrong customers, or portraying your brand in a negative light.


As for the success of the film, we have to attribute a lot of that to Cameron himself. Whilst we did everything in our power to create an awesome 60 second promo, he ensured that he marketed it correctly.

Through the use of paid Facebook advertising, email campaigns and a strong SEO strategy, Cameron has been able to generate more business, raise his profile and increase the awareness of his brand! You don’t have to take our word for it – hear it for yourself here.

3 tips we can learn from Cameron’s successful 60 second promotional video

  1. Think about your audience: What do they like? What will resonate with them?
  2. Think about yourself: What message does your brand want to portray?
  3. Think about how you will market it: Where is the video going, and where will it be put to best use?

Whilst there are so many strategic ways to approach video marketing, these 3 tips can be used across the board.

60 seconds can be used in many ways; you can tell a story, showcase a product, educate your audience… but for this promo video, we just focused on creating impact and driving curiosity.

Not all 60 second promos need to be this fast paced, or need a story, or need to be interview-based; they just  need to work for your audience, your business and your marketing channels. Feel free to bend the rules and experiment. By thinking about the 3 tips above, you won’t go far wrong – and as long as the film resonates, you’ve done your job!

If you’d like to see what a great promotional video could do for your business, find out more about us, or get in touch with our friendly team of video marketing experts.