3 stories you should be telling to your customers

6 Feb 2023 How to

Storytelling is powerful. We’re sure you know that already, as it’s a big of a marketing cliché!

But in a world of relatively poor communication, as a marketer, stories will probably always be your best friend. Here are 3 stories you can tell using video which don’t require a degree in English Literature, work experience at Pixar or an innate gift…

Customer stories

Ask your customers to explain the pain, paint the vision, and describe the impact your business has had on their life. Remember: they are Simba, you’re more like Rafiki. They’re the hero, and you’re simply the facilitator.

Telling a story through the lens of a happy customer add an authenticity to your story that makes it more than just marketing, and helps you to reach your target audience with an emotive example of why they should buy from you.

Check out this example we created for Thrive, showing how their client Deciem has benefitted from Thrive’s learning platform…

Your story

You’re more interesting than you think. Plus, your story will likely push you away from your telephone voice. It will allow you to connect with your audience on a more human level.

Bringing your company’s founders to the fore, as well as the members of your team, helps viewers to get to know the faces behind the business, and builds trust in the people they’re looking to invest in.

We helped IT firm Team Metalogic to capture their culture on video, appealing to prospective clients and employees alike…

Landscape story

What does the landscape that you and your prospects operate in look like right now? What’s on the horizon? What has changed? What insights can you offer?

Capturing these stories on video is the most effective way of communicating to the masses – if you can encapsulate the exact experience someone is having through video, they’ll feel seen, and it’ll boost your brand love.

Here’s an example for market research platform Green Bee, where they resonate with their audience through insightful market predictions:

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