What’s Not Included in Your Quotes

What’s Not Included in Your Quotes

When obtaining quotes for your professional video there are a few elements that can be easily overlooked. In order to help you avoid these potentially costly pitfalls, we’ve made up a list of things to look out for!

Changes, Amendments and re-edits?

How many rounds of changes are included? Are further amendments provided at a cost? What is the cost?


Is this music royalty free? Will this music be used on other people’s projects? Will Youtube want to remove my video for copyright infringement? Who owns the rights to the music?

Date changes?

Are we allowed to change the filming dates if needed? Is there a cost to this?

Is there any aftercare?

When does our agreement stop? What if I need additional versions of my film? Are you able to help with uploading?


Will my videos be optimised for social media? Will you provide optimised thumbnails? Does that come at an extra cost?


Will you help with creating questions? Will you conduct the interview?


Is travel included? Do we have to provide lunch? What about parking costs? Hotel costs if needed?

So those 7 points cover most of the potential hidden costs and by addressing those during the quote stage, you’ll be able to save yourself time and money.

But the final thing that isn’t easy to include in a quote is personality. When we look at our customer surveys the number one reason people chose to work with us is ‘Personality of the team’. Why? Because when creating a professional video you need huge amounts of clear communication and you need trust in order to communicate effectively. It’s worth taking the team to meet the people sending in the quotes and get a sense as to whether you would work well with them. Video marketing is a huge project and having a video production company that you can call friends will make the difference between a difficult process and an enjoyable one which in turn will affect the end the result.

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