Frequency of video posting

How often should you be posting videos?

How often should you be posting videos?

We know that different demographics are going to have different behaviours.

You can perhaps make a generalisation and say younger generations are so used to video content being out there. You could do a video every day and people aren’t going to get bored. But maybe that’s not always true?

Instead of thinking about sticking to a particular frequency I would stick to a strategy and if you’ve got five client testimonials, five videos about your ‘why’ and five videos about your different services, then we know there are 15 videos. We’re gonna do two a month and split it up that way. And there is your strategy.

I’ve seen people do Facebook Live strategies where every single day at one o’clock, this guy was giving sales tips. Great strategy. But he did it every day. And some of them got some good reviews, some of them got none, but that was his strategy. So he stuck to it. When you think of it from a strategy term then you just have to test to measure it to see what works for you.

For me, it all goes back to how much content you have and how much time you have. Don’t be over-ambitious with it. Don’t say, “we’re gonna do one every single week”, when you don’t have the content for it, you don’t have the time to produce it or lack the budget to because there’s nothing worse than doing three video blogs and then promising another eight and never delivering them. You’d be much better off doing 12 and doing one a month. Then if you are creating other video content, you can weave that in elsewhere.

Keep it more strategy-focused and whatever fits that strategy. When you look at social media platforms, because so many platforms are prioritizing video, if you’re posting on them once a day, you need to ensure that a percentage of those posts need to be videos. We know video on Facebook works really, really well so if that’s what you’re doing but you’re only doing video for 10% of your posts, then there’s probably a problem there.

Put together a stretgy where your budget and your time match, and stick to it.

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