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How Long Does Everything Take?

How Long Does Everything Take?

A common question we get asked is, ‘How long does the whole thing take from start to finish?’.

Typically we would advise that to turnaround a film which has taken 1 day of filming, we’re looking at 4 – 5 weeks. That is broken down into the steps below.

Project Form (-2 week from the shoot)

The first step is to send you a project form for each category of film. This form outlines the practical points of the film (things like font, names etc) and also helps clarify the content needed which means we can work with you to create effective questions for the films.

Call Sheet (-1 week from the shoot)

We then send you a call sheet which includes information such as our rough itinerary for each shoot date, contact numbers and names, questions and other necessary information for our crew. We also liaise with any other relevant parties at this point to make any necessary arrangements e.g. hotel staff, AV technicians, event organisers.

Shoot Date 

During the shoot date, we will liaise with you as needed but our aim is to complete the work with efficiency and professionalism. We will keep you updated on filming progress throughout the day and work to the schedule outlined on the call sheet.

Post Production and first draft (+1/2 week from the shoot)

Filming dates and editing dates are booked in simultaneously. This means we can ensure a smooth turnaround process. For this particular job, we will have two of our editors working on your project simultaneously to ensure everything is completed on time. We will get a first draft sent with an amendments form.

Final draft & projection completion (+3/4 week from the shoot)

If there are any changes, you can use the amendments form and send that back to us. We will complete the changes and send the final versions of the film again.

And there you have it! From start to finish, our video production process. Keen to get started? Book in a meeting with Sunjay or give us a call on 0117 259 1914.