How office design and build companies can market with video

21 Mar 2023 How to

As we navigate the reinvention of the office space, office design and fitout companies need to think outside the box to win new business. 

There’s currently a unique opportunity to show your prospects why office design is more crucial than ever. As the workplace shifts and evolves, you’re able to educate buyers on how to maximise productivity, increase staff retention and improve culture, as well as explain the role that your business can play in this new future. 

Traditional marketing methods are limited in their impact. In contrast, businesses who adopt and execute a strong video marketing strategy can use emotion, narrative and spectacular visuals to drive their message home. By creating a multi-purpose piece of content that can sing your praises and share your USPs across multiple channels, video lets you take your most persuasive messages right to your target audience, in a medium that they actively seek out.

Here are a few ways to employ video marketing successfully in an office design and build company…

Sell the dream

Video is the perfect form of aspirational content marketing. By showing your clients how they could be using their workspace, you can plant the seeds for a whole new goal that they may not have even considered yet.

Traditional photos might not cut the mustard when it comes to conveying the full scope of your capabilities, but a video showcasing your completed projects can give potential clients a virtual tour of the spaces you’ve designed and built. This can help them envision how you can transform their own space, and get them excited about what’s possible.

Tell your story

Video allows you to bring your brand to life, building trust and credibility from the get-go. In an age where reviews can make or break a business, don’t underestimate the power of social proof!

By sharing emotive stories from happy users of a finished space, you can harness the power of quality testimonials, and let existing clients show future clients exactly why they should work with you.

Create the hooks

There’s no doubt that video is one of the most engaging mediums out there, but we still need a hook to work with. Start with considering the ‘why’ for your clients, and the problem you’re able to solve through great office design.

Perhaps they’re keen to attract more talent into their team, encourage more internal collaboration, support neurodiversity or tempt WFH-ers back into the workplace? Whatever your clients want to achieve, working backwards from there gives you the perfect hook to hang your video on.

Establish expertise

In addition to showcasing your work, office design and build companies can successfully use video marketing to demonstrate expertise and build credibility through high-value educational content.

Videos which provide advice on office design, workplace tips for employers and guidance on what to expect when working with you can help to position your brand as an expert in the field… and the SEO values also helps to attract potential clients who are seeking your services online. Win-win!

Stand out from the crowd

When the pace of growth is so high, it can be hard to stand out – and catching the eye of a potential client can make all the difference. Video is great for conveying your USPs visually, and there’s no better way to show off your work and keep the viewer engaged than through a professionally-made video.

Drone walkthroughs, timelapses of a project, before and afters, meet-the-team and explainer videos are all great ways to use video to summarise key parts of your business, and go way beyond the standard image-based content. Show what truly makes you unique, and you’ll be one step ahead of the competition.

If you’d like to see how video can win you more design clients, get a video production quote today, or book a call – we’d love to share some ideas.