Demonstrating company culture with Team Metalogic

5 Feb 2024 Behind the Scenes

In the world of IT services, the support providers at Team Metalogic are rewriting the script. They’re not just about tech; they’re about people, culture, and innovation. To showcase this, Team Metalogic chose Life Media UK to create engaging video content with an authentic feel.

Like a lot of B2B services, IT can become commoditised, and no one wants to be in a race to the bottom. Aside from price, Team Metalogic are keen to use their people and their processes as key differentiators from their competitors. We’d already worked with the team on a successful series of process videos, so now we wanted to bring their people to the fore.

Here’s how we helped them to stand out from the competition…

One element of the Team Metalogic video strategy was the creation of their ‘Meet the Team’ video series. They recognised that many competitors in the industry were not leveraging video effectively, so they aimed to be different. We were tasked with showing the world that they didn’t conform to the negative stereotypes in IT – their culture and values put the customers first, and Team Metalogic wanted to celebrate the people behind the screens that make that happen.

These videos were also designed to support Team Metalogic with recruitment, where they look for personalities and values that align with their company culture rather than specific skill sets. These videos serve as a tool to exhibit their fantastic company culture and the diverse personalities of their team members, who they know are their greatest asset.

Conveying a unique culture

Video was seen as a highly effective marketing tactic for Team Metalogic. It allowed them to convey their company culture, adding a personal touch and a friendly approach that sets them apart from the crowd. They understood that when video is done right, it can be a powerful tool for engaging their audience and showcasing their brand.

Team Metalogic’s Founder, Mike Parfitt, explained; “The quality of the videos matched our brand identity, reflecting tech innovation and a friendly approach. This alignment was crucial in conveying the right message to our target audience.”

Team Metalogic chose to collaborate with Life Media UK because we understood the essence of Team Metalogic’s company culture and values. “In our initial interactions, Life Media UK’s approach stood out” says Mike. “They were honest and provided valuable marketing advice, setting the foundation for a productive partnership.”

Shoot days made easy

Our team worked hard to prepare a meticulous and clear schedule that caused minimal disruption to Team Metalogic’s business operations. We made sure that their filming days were marked not only by professionalism and comfort, but also by the unexpected element of fun. The process turned out to be far from the anticipated chore; instead, it became a genuinely enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

On the shoot, we made every effort to disturb people as little as possible and to be as discreet as possible. This approach helped team members who hadn’t been on camera before feel comfortable, and allowed their real personalities to shine through. Here’s how it turned out…

Team Metalogic is already planning to incorporate more video content into their future marketing strategies. They see video as an invaluable tool for conveying a wealth of information and providing better insight into their company culture compared to traditional written copy. It’s clear that Team Metalogic’s journey with video is far from over; it’s an ongoing story of innovation and connection.

In the world of IT, Team Metalogic isn’t just a service provider; they’re a dynamic, people-focused, and culture-driven team. And their videos reflect exactly that.

Watch more of Team Metalogic’s videos on their dedicated video page, or get your very own video by getting in touch today.