Shooting Videos With Life Media UK- A testimonial from Pre7tySimple

Shooting Videos With Life Media UK: A testimonial from Pre7tySimple

This weeks’ blog post is something a little bit different… we’ve teamed up with one of our brilliant clients, Pre7tySimple, and they’ve written us a guest blog post! Over to you guys…

Shooting Videos With Life Media UK 

Earlier this year, we (at Pre7tySimple) called on Life Media UK to help us create some stunning videos for our brand that would showcase what we were about, and to entice potential customers to click and buy.  

If you were thinking about pursuing video to promote your company or brand, we would certainly recommend the team at Life Media UK.

From start to finish, they were very professional yet easy-going at the same time. Oh, and the videos we made together were ace!

When we were looking for someone to create our videos with us, we were initially left a little stumped. It was certainly difficult to gauge what to expect, not only from the quality of production but also the person (or people) you’d be working with!

Dino had previously worked on a promotional project with Brothers Cider some time ago and believe it or not, Sunjay and Will were shooting the videos for that campaign.

Being natural in front of the camera can be awkward or just a little unusual. If you’re planning on being in your video, you need to be comfortable in the situation and with the people behind the cameras. Sunjay and Will are both super easy going, and a laugh to be around. This was a big factor in why we chose to shoot with Life Media UK. 

Once that was decided, we found Life Media UK through their YouTube channel and dropped them an email. It wasn’t long before we caught up on the phone and arranged to meet.

We met Sunjay in Bristol to discuss our brand, our vision and what we’d like to achieve through video. He was very willing to talk about everything and offered direction when it came to what we wanted out of the videos. 

Throughout the multiple shoots we did together, the LMUK team were always professional and really took heed of our thoughts and input along the way. We filmed our 2018 promotional video as well as three testimonial videos with Life Media UK, all in one day too! You can find all of the videos on our YouTube channel, Pre7tySimpleTV. 

We also filmed a dozen short clips, specifically for social media, they were short and sweet, and each one worked as a standalone post. You’ll find them scattered through our Instagram feed, and we still have more to left to share! 

One of the great things about Life Media UK was the ability to make changes to the video after we received it. This meant we could add any final tweaks to it before the video was finalized; super useful for any perfectionist’s out there!

Final Words

Working with Life Media was a barrel of laughs. They made us super comfortable in front of the camera, and definitely knew what they were doing. We got some great videos, and learnt a heck of a lot from them. 

Thanks again to everyone at Life Media UK, and thanks for letting us guest blog! 

If you wanted to know more about us, you can visit our website:

• https://www.pre7tysimple.com 

Or you can find us on social media:




Thanks again Life Media UK – You’ve been fantastic. 

– The Pre7tySimple team

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