Paul Gough - How to stand out using video

How to Stand Out Using Video

How to Stand Out Using Video

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The most valuable part of these videos for me is just having these simple snapshots, whether a client perhaps emails me or somebody tags me in a post on LinkedIn or on Facebook, I need a mortgage advisor. I end up with 10, 20 different names tagged, and I can just slip in a link to my video. Only seconds later, a phone rings.

The key benefit for me of working with Life Media was that they sat down with me. I told them the kind of messages I wanted to get across and they helped me create the content in a succinct, short video that would quite within a minute or a couple of minutes portray what I offer to my clients.

I would describe Life Media as very forward thinking. The end result was much better than I could have ever dreamed. The professional quality of the video was way and above what I expected with the cut takes where they had taken different sections of my recordings and made them seamless. What to me now looks like a pittance in terms of the price I paid because of the level of business, and the way this position my company compared to my peers and to the quality of the video.

Yes, I would definitely recommend Life Media to anyone else. The quality of the videos they provide went way and above what I expected and hence I’m here again in my second shoot.

And there we have it, Paul Gough detailed just one way he has used video to stand out from others! Planning to start using video, here are some top tips on being confident in front of the camera. Have some video ideas and want to chat them through? Set up a call today!