Video retainer or one-off project – which is better?

1 Mar 2021 How to

Video retainers are NOT the future… they’re very much the present!

Cast your mind back 10 years to 2011; Adele is storming the charts with Someone Like You, Charlie Sheen told us he drinks tiger blood, and Game of Thrones has just been hit our screens. We’re all crying. It’s beautiful. 

Video marketing is slowly starting to take off, and we start hearing those sweet words – ‘video is the next big trend!

As time went on, video transformed from a nice-to-have to a marketing must-have. Brands were expected to release video content on social media, and videos on your website became a digital staple.

But things were still a bit disjointed. One-off video projects ruled the land. CEOs would demand a ‘slick promo video’. Marketers wanted a video ad. How-to videos served as surrogate parental figures as we learned how to hang shelves and start our own podcasts. Our reliance on video grew day by day.

But whilst one-off videos were having some success, one thing became strikingly clear; a lot of one-off video projects lacked strategy. A one-off video was a very narrow way of marketing, and in the grand scheme of things, became a very expensive ‘punt’.

To make matters worse, the way the world was consuming information was changing, and becoming so varied. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram stories, email, Sky, Netflix. There are SO many options!

Both of these factors combined to usher in a new age of video marketing: the age of the Video Retainer.

The principle behind the video retainer is simple. The only marketing that truly works is consistent marketing. It’s the reason why you write more than one blog per quarter. It’s why you post on social more than once a week, and it’s why you keep in touch with your customers more than once a year!

So, are you ready to join the new way of marketing with video? Book a call in with Sunjay, and we can help you to get there.