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Illuminate your work with a science comms video

At Life Media UK, we convey your key messages through the powerful medium of film.

We’re experienced in taking complex scientific messages and reframing them via film, creating award-winning videos which can be easily digested by your target audience.

Equipped with a scientific background, our team members are in a unique position to be able to understand and tell your story – whether you’re working on groundbreaking research or illuminating technology.

As well as bringing your work to life through storytelling, we can use video to help support funding bids, with videos aimed directly at prospective investors.

Whatever your audience, we’ll work our magic and to create a video which is perfectly tailored to your needs, getting your message across concisely and compellingly.

We’re proud to have worked with institutions like:

Take a look at what we could do…

Wiltshire College

Life Sciences

We helped Wiltshire College to attract more future science professionals by recruiting for their Life Sciences courses.

Neuroscience Festival

Event showcase

With the aim of sparking more public interest in neuroscience, we captured the Bristol Neuroscience Festival in all its glory.

University of Bristol

Day in the Life

We took viewers behind-the-scenes to uncover daily life in the lab for a PhD student working on research funded by the British Heart Foundation.

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“I like my maths… but I threw my ROI calculation away after the first week!

10x sales in the first week is pretty astounding, so we don’t even consider doing the ROI calculation on video any more. The results speak for themselves.

You may may think that video marketing is just for big businesses, but these guys will completely change your view on that.

They literally bring to your messages to life.

The videos are of the highest quality, and I can not say enough how extremely talented they are.”

Darlington Gono