What does Will do?

Will is Life Media’s Don Draper. The creative drive behind your video, Will is the expert that will see your project from the initial storyboarding phases straight through to filming, editing and final delivery.


A bit about Will

Will first cut his teeth filming when he was only 14 years old. An avid skateboarder Will used to film and cut together vids of his friends skating on his NEC e313 camera phone (which had a whopping 0.3 megapixel camera). From that seemingly humble start Will found himself working on all manner of shoots. His most enjoyable and proudest moments are torn between filming a motor cycle stunt team, flying around him in a cage and shooting (and taking part) in a 3 peaks summit expedition. On the other hand Will has also had to endure some less than enjoyable experiences… including filming Notting Hill Carnival – a shoot that involved a 20 mile walk (with gear) in torrential rain – and being stranded in Marrakesh with no luggage or equipment. Thankfully he was rescued by Dragons Den star, Hilary Devey.

Favourite project


Likes, dislikes & hobbies

When he’s not out socialising or playing basketball, you’ll most likely find Will in the gym.


Chris Columbus – As in Director of Home Alone, not the 15th century explorer…

Guilty pleasure

Titanic – seriously Will?

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