What Should Your Event Video Include?

What Should Your Event Video Include?

What should your event video include?

Why video the event?

Film your event to induce high levels of FOMO! You want to sell tickets to your event right? Well, then there are two things you need to achieve, Trust and Desire. To build trust, you have to eliminate fears, worries and concerns. Potential delegates will ask things like, what will I gain from the event? Is it worth the money? Will there be other people there? How can I be sure it’s not a flop?

To answer these questions convincingly, you need to provide evidence! And simply, that is why film is so important to events.

To inspire desire, you have to prove that you will provide something the delegate wants. Let me be brutally honest. No one wants to come to your event… What they want is amazing memories, a brilliantly fun time, a refreshing education, a new perspective, networking opportunities etc. The emotions and outcomes will be different for different events, but you have to understand this concept. People don’t want to just come to an event, they want the outcomes. When marketing events, a lot of people focus on ‘what’s on’. Just like when you’re selling a product or a service, the delegate will want to know what they will get out of it.

Communicating the experience and the outcomes mentioned above can be done quickly and entertainingly via video. Video is an extremely accesible way to sell those outcomes of your event to prospects and by keeping the video fast paced, you can be sure your message is actually delivered instead of relying on some copy that contains lots of different messages, 80% of which won’t resonate with your prospect.

What are the key elements?

So now you know you need a video. Let’s look at what your video should include.


As mentioned above. Highlight what your delegates will actually come away with after the event. What are the main outcomes of attending the event in the first place? Will they leave with the most hilarious memories and a bank of cringeworthy selfies? Or maybe they will leave with a complete re-education and new found love for volcanoes? They might meet 300 of their peers and wax lyrical about their industry, gaining new ideas and new insights, building their network and increasing their chances of landing that big promotion? Ok, that last one is a bit big but you get the point. Also note, you don’t have to fit all the outcomes in one video! Why not create a series of videos each with a different theme. This laser-focused messaging will really resonate with target audiences and will help prospects understand why they need to be at your event!


What will the experience be like? Showcase the journey, the different aspects, the vibe and the atmosphere. No one wants to spend their time at a drab, dreary event. They want to go somewhere with a buzz. Think about how you will capture that. Include shots of charismatic speakers, include shots of people laughing and smiling. Your event might not be a place where people are laughing but it will be a place where delegates are feeling emotion. Capture THEIR experience and dish out the ultimate FOMO to non-attendees by communicating the emotion of delegates. It might a delegate that is blown away by the information on offer, it might be an exhibitor or sponsor who has had some amazing conversations or might be someone who’s just had a really fantastic time and appreciates a break in the normal day to day rigmarole.

Why not ask people, ‘How would you describe the atmosphere here today?’, capture those all-powerful testimonials… Which leads us on to the next element.

Social Proof

It’s been alluded to above but providing social proof is massive. Testimonials, shots of people enjoying themselves, shots that show a super busy show are all vital elements of your video. Any shot that has even a whiff of emptiness should be left on the cutting room floor.

As humans, we crave social proof. There’s safety in the herd and we instil a lot of trust in events if we can see a lot of other people also trust these events. To build on this, think about your most influential delegate. Influence can be the form of representing a large brand, having a large and active social media presence and/or a highly respected individual within a certain field. If you can work with this person to increase credibility and gain trust, DO IT. These influencers can be speakers or can simply be delegates but make these people feel special, give them perks and try to leverage that relationship when the time is right.


Answer some basic questions and objections. The best way to find out what questions/concerns people have about your event or events in your industry? Ask them. Ask them via social, ask your existing clients, ask through emails, call people. Do everything you can to gain real information from potential delegates and then go on to answer those questions. Leave no doubt in prospect minds as to what the event stands for, what they will get out of it and how frictionless it is to attend.

What next?

So now you have lots to cover in your video. Our suggestion would be to construct a wide scale campaign that includes lots of videos focusing on various aspects from above. Link these videos to other digital assets including quote cards, infographics, blogs, case studies and more. Map out the buying journey of your prospects and ensure you have engaging content at each step of the funnel. Having a video first strategy means you can repurpose the video and branch out into other forms of media. Video can also be the most accesible and entertaining way to deliver your message. Creating an ecosystem of content is important and providing a huge range of content that focuses on different aspects is also key.

Distribute your video through paid ads, social platforms, email campaigns, your website and leveraging strategic partnerships. Include a strong call to action with your content even if it’s just linking them to a different piece of content.

Now you know what to include, the big question is how much should you be paying?! Our previous blog post takes you through all of this, in detail, have a read here. Want to check out pricing ideas for other videos, not just event ones? Check out this blog post.