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3 Top Tips for Keeping a Healthy Back & Core

3 Top Tips for Keeping a Healthy Back & Core When Working at a Desk

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Okay I’m gonna give you three tips that if you’re sat at a desk all day, that it’s something that can help to keep your back and core muscles a bit healthy.

So the first tip would be if you’re sat down stand up every 20 minutes to 30 minutes and all you need to stand up is for one minute and that will engage all your core muscles and your glutes and then when you sit back down again it’s all a lot better.

Tip number two would be your workstation set up. So you want your monitor at eye level and your shoulders relaxed and your forearms at about 90 degrees. If you’ve got short legs you might need to put a step under your feet. If you’ve got long legs you need to lower your seat down to fit.

Tip number three. If you have a workstation where you have a monitor over here and your keyboard is here and you’re twisting that’s gonna have an effect on the muscles within your core and your lower back where one shortens, one tightens. And then this can cause back pain so try and straighten yourself up, get a swivel chair and move.

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