Telling others how great your business is a hard task, trying to shout about your own business can often lack candour and seem a bit too salesy at times. Folks rarely responds to “buy this” or “choose me” when it’s coming straight from the horse’s mouth…
It doesn’t matter what’s being bought these days, one of the biggest influencers for any consumer is reviews. From retail products to b2b services a well shot testimonial video is the ultimate consumer review. Stop shouting about your brand or business and let your clients do the shouting for you.
Your favourite clients waxing lyrical and telling the story of how your brand’s approach, solution or product solved problems and bolstered their business is a sure-fire way to build trust with your prospective clients. It’ll help them empathise and emote with those happy customers or even push them to purchase or get in touch.

Filming a testimonial video is not only a top notch way to build trust and social proof, it’s an ideal way to sell your solution if you don’t actually have a tangible product to sell. Solicitors, motivational speakers and even entertainers can harness client testimonials to help pitch and promote their skills and credentials to a whole new audience.
Pro tip – These honest and sincere testimonial videos aren’t just a great tool for engaging with new customers, it’s an excellent reason to get back in touch with your best clients and help strengthen and solidify existing relationships.
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