What does Sid do?

Sid is in charge of talking to others businesses and forming new partnerships between us and clients. His role involves finding potential clients whom he knows, our services, will have a huge positive impact on.

Sid Azad smiling in the sunshine of Barcelona

A bit about Sid

Sid was born in Bristol and loves every aspect of the city. He graduated from University with a degree in Computing and Artificial intelligence (it sounds a lot more interesting than it is) but decided to use his talents in the sales world. He’s sold phones, cars, even people (recruitment) and now on to a product and service which he genuinely believes will help benefit each one of his clients. He hopes to achieve great things with Life Media UK and help change the way businesses use video for years to come.

Favourite Aspect of the Job

Getting out there and meeting new people every day. Learning about what makes businesses tick and educating clients is what he thrives on.

Likes, dislikes & hobbies

Sid likes having a laugh, he’ll laugh at anything, like seriously, anything. He dislikes bland food, stating, “it’s a dishonour to my tastebuds.” Outside of work he lives in the gym.


His mother, she’s the hardest working individual he knows.

Guilty pleasure

Playing PlayStation, it doesn’t help him grow physically or mentally in any way shape or form however he just enjoys destroying things (virtually of course).