Why you should get a video testimonial

Should I get a video testimonial?

Should I get a video testimonial?

If you don’t already have a video testimonial, you should really start thinking about getting one. Below we look at the rise of the video testimonial and the benefits it brings. Testimonials have been around since the dawn of business and video testimonials are proving more and more popular, let’s look at some of the reasons why.

1. They work

Ascend2 did some research on what types of video, different companies are seeing the greatest success with. Customer Testimonials ranked number 1, as the most important and the most effective type of video in the report.

So let’s start here. Marketers are seeing video testimonials, as the most effective form of video marketing. It’s hardly surprising. No one likes to be directly sold to, most people like to believe they came to the decision by themselves. A video testimonial achieves this by connecting with the viewer on a personal level. It strips away all of the lights and banners and balloons and leaves you with a satisfied client talking about their experience and what they liked about you. The best thing is, each client will no doubt have their own story and their own highlights within their experience of working with you. This storytelling and essentially video of praise will build trust with potential clients. The proof is in the pudding as they say, and we’re all more likely to trust someone, that lots of other people trust to.

I guess the other huge reason video testimonials work well, is that face that they are engaging. Traditionally testimonials were written and these written compliments were stamped on to a testimonial page containing endless amounts of text. Then as a potential consumer, we would scour the page for the buzz words such as ‘reliable’, ‘great value’, ‘bought me lunch’ and so on. A video testimonial truly engages the viewer so they actually process the information you want them to.

2. They make great marketing content.

Once you have your video testimonial in the bag, you can write a whole blog/case study on it, for example. BOOM another great piece of content marketing. You can then take to your social media channels and spread the word. It’ll help break the sometimes repetitive hum drumbeat of ‘great blog by blah blah’ and ‘hey we did this today…’ etc etc. You can also email this content to potential clients, in the same industry as the customer giving the testimonial. This specific targeting is always useful when you’re trying to win over particular industry sectors.

3. You don’t look cringy for blowing your own trumpet.

A video testimonial will help you avoid a kayne moment

Not looking cringy is super important in a world where people are getting back to connecting with real people. But it’s also important to look credible and believable. What looks more credible and believable, you telling everyone you’re super awesome or your client explaining WHY you’re super awesome? I think the answer is clear (sorry Kayne). But in all seriousness, it’s not just a brand image issue. It’s about how much of an impact it will have on the audience and how much the message being delivered will resonate.

4. They aren’t expensive

A video testimonial (from us anyway) starts from £500, which is nothing when you think about the impact that one video will have. Besides, video testimonials are one of the easiest things to film, if you did want to try it yourself. Have a look around at other video testimonials and you’ll quickly get an idea for what you need. A simple backdrop, some good light and ensure the sound is perfect. The hardest bit as Brit, will be sitting there asking your client about how much they love you. It’s hard, but oh so worth it. Seriously, take a look below at Ed talking about a video company he likes to work with….meh it’s our blog we’ll do what we like ok! haha 🙂

So there you have it. A video testimonial can create a huge impact, engages your target audience and doesn’t break the bank. If you need any advice regarding filming your own video testimonial then please don’t hesitate to get in touch here.