Mango HR's testimonial for Life Media UK

Mango HR: “LMUK Do Things Differently”

Mango HR: “LMUK Do Things Differently”

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Hi, I am Sarah Williams, CEO for Mango HR. My biggest concern about video was actually having to do it. Cause to be honest, being put on the spot and actually trying to be natural is a bit like, “Whoa. Oh my god.” But actually it’s been really exciting, and I’ve really enjoyed it. Life Media were great at putting us at ease. Me and the team were really nervous about that kind of on the spot piece. Sunjay came along and made us feel a lot more relaxed and was able to use the questioning techniques as opposed to a script so that we could actually become more natural and be like we are with clients.

I would describe Life Media as really innovative, cutting edge and really fun to work with. The most valuable part of working with Life Media has been that they’re open to suggestions about doing things a bit differently. I’m really passionate about not having the corporate look and ensuring that it really reflects our culture here at Mango, and the guys are really up for making sure that our video reflected that.

I would definitely recommend Life Media to others. I think that video is definitely here and the future. It really brings alive your personality and your culture. I think the more you can do on video, the better, so people can really get to know you and your service.

Convinced that video is a good idea? Here is how you can start creating it. Want to chat through your ideas with us? Give us a call 0117 2591914 and organise a 15 minute chat with Sunjay. Check out what our client ZiaBia thought of being on camera (spoiler aler: it really isn’t that scary!).