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How to Justify the Spend to Your Boss

How to Justify the Spend to Your Boss

You, as an awesome marketer, understand the need for great quality video. You’ve convinced the boss that video is a must. The next battle is now convincing them, that you’re going to need more than £100. Well, we’re here to help. Here’s a quick guide to why it’s smart to invest in better video

Cheap video can make your brand look bad

62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that published a poor quality video.Brightcove.

It’s a pretty obvious one right? Everything a business puts out about itself needs to be true to the quality of the business itself. If you’re a shop selling cakes, you put the best cakes on display. If you’re a personal trainer you probably don’t look like this…

If you’re a car salesman you don’t have this on the front row…

We automatically do it with our own appearance and online presence is no different. Whether it’s a blog, tweet, photo or video, if it looks poor then that becomes a reflection of the business.

Marketing has a lot to do with image and perception. It doesn’t matter what medium that comes in, do your company some justice and invest in professional videos.

It’s not worth your time to DIY

The production of your video can eat up a lot of time. If you’re not used to setting up a camera and setting up an interview, then that’s going to take time. It’s going to take time to find the best lighting and ensure the audio is usable. Then when you start filming, you’re going to need time to get the content right. Video blogs can be dreadfully painful things if the subject doesn’t feel relaxed and keeps messing up their delivery.

Then you’ve finally completed your filming and now you need to edit all that footage! Editing and post-production can be an extremely long and tedious job.

Now, you need to look at this from an hours perspective. How many hours does it take and is the end product worth it? If you spend 20 hours on 1 film (1 day shooting and 1.5 days editing), have you actually saved much money? Is your time better spent elsewhere? Almost certainly.

You’re not reinventing the wheel

Here’s the killer sentence to repeat over and over. ‘We are not reinventing the wheel! We’re looking at activity that has worked for us in other mediums and we are simply translating that on to video in order to amplify the reach, accessibility and success of those same activities.’ I.e. A testimonial video is still a review, it’s just much more engaging, more effective, more powerful and can reach more people. A video blog is about looking at the advice and knowledge you give away over a coffee and leveraging that knowledge to increase trust and raise brand awareness.

So you see, you’re not investing in this totally wild and speculative new way of marketing. You’re using tried and tested strategies and transferring those into a video format, so you can communicate your message with more people in a way that more people engage with.

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