how to deal with stage fright

How to Deal With Stage Fright

How to Deal With Stage Fright

We once did some work for a University and had to interview a professor. He was an expert in his field of work. Every day it’s his job to lecture people. But when we got in front the camera, he just had a mind blank. He just didn’t know what he was talking about.

There is something about that inanimate object and a person standing behind the camera that scares people; it gets people really uncomfortable. Here are our two top tips for making it that little bit easier and dealing with stage fright.

  1. One thing that will really help that person and save you a lot of time is having a guide ready.  If you are gonna go interview your clients, tell them that it should take no longer than 30 minutes, you’re only going to ask them four to five questions.
  2. Make sure question number one is something that’s an icebreaker. what did you have for breakfast? Can you tell us about your company? That’s a good one. Tell us about your company first. You won’t even use it in the film, you’ll just use the bit where they say, hi, I’m Sunjay from Life Media UK, and you’ll cut their story a little bit out. But, it allows them to kind of get their brain going a little bit and talking about what they do. So, that question number one, just, you know, can you tell us a bit about the company, how you got started, and what you want to achieve with your clients.

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