how much should I pay to film my event

How much should I pay for someone to film my event?

How much should I pay for someone to film my event?

Filming your event is a no-brainer, it helps showcase what you do, and helps to increase ticket sales for future events; but how much should you be paying someone to film it? Below we’ll break this down for you, looking for general prices for video production? Head right this way. 

Price Range

Before we can really get into pricing we do have to take into consideration the fact that different types of films will command different prices.

Filming 1 talk for 30 minutes and leaving will be a different price to attending an event for 12 hours and creating 5 social media films. For ease, we will focus on 3 different types of films. Event promo, social media clips and full presentations.

Event Promotional Film – £300 – £3000

Social Media Films – £100 – £500 (per film)

Full Presentations – £250 – £1000

Let’s break that down a bit further…

£350 – £600: A 1 man crew with a basic camera. A short day i.e. 4 hours or less. A local event so no travel. A short 30 – 60-second promo.

Pros – It’s cheap! If you’re working on a tight budget but want to get your event video, then this is the most cost-effective option. 

Cons – At this price point, it’s unlikely the cameraman will have much experience or a proven track record of delivery.

Best for – Low budget events, perhaps if you just need some basic filming and editing i.e. one camera on a tripod with one continuous shot.

Not great for – Showcasing experiences, targeting high-end prospects, videos with any real strategy.

£1000 – £2000A 1 or 2 man crew with a high-end professional camera set up. A full day of shooting. Event promo, maybe some social media films as well.

Pros – More experienced crew, usually means a professional, well executed final film. Will more likely include different elements such as interviews, lights, better camera rigs for more interesting shots etc.

Cons – Unlikely to have a real strategy for the video, may have to pay extra for things such as music or additional revisions.

£2000 – £3000: 2 -3 man crew, high-end professional camera set up. A full day of shooting, Multiple videos in various formats.

Pros – This is more the video marketing end where the videos are based on a marketing strategy. The crew will most likely have high-end rigs and crew with different specialisms perhaps things like a drone pilot etc. The end films will be high quality and will be based on a video marketing strategy to include elements that achieve business goals.

Cons – It’s a big investment and it has to be right for your event. If the outcomes of the videos don’t outweigh the costs, this isn’t the right option for you. Also be aware of charltons, who charge this amount but don’t include a strategy. If you’re just paying for ‘video’, you might be getting ripped off.

So there we have it, a break down of the various event video options for you! Have an event coming up and want to chat through the various options and what will work best for you? Click the button below and book a free call with Sunjay, to chat through your ideas.

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