What does Dan do?

On shoot and behind the scenes Dan is 100% hands on, if you ever have the pleasure of meeting him he’ll most likely have a camera in his hands or strapped to his shoulder. As such Dan’s role sees him more often than not behind the camera leading the shoot and providing much needed support on a number of projects.

Dan Ward of Life Media UK

A bit about Dan

Straight from the verdant valleys of Pontypool Dan has always been passionate about film. From the age of 12 he’d rope his friends in as cast members to create their own original action films on an old skool camcorder. Most notable of which was a welsh re-creation of Die Hard… From one creative outlet to another Dan went on to study art and graphic design through college and university, but still found himself drawn back to film (the majority of his projects and assignments being delivered in video form). After graduating Dan embraced his calling moving on to video first as a freelancer, then joining the Life Media team back in 2016. So far Dan’s most memorable project was a shoot at Silverstone. Feet firmly on the tarmac and sat slap bang on the starting grid, Dan found himself mere inches away from supercars that he filmed screaming past his face.

Favourite project

Trax 2016

Likes, dislikes & hobbies

A fan of film at work or at home, you’ll find Dan with a camera in tow on vista hunting trips to the Brecon Beacons and beyond.


Stanley Kubrick

Guilty pleasure

Not so much a guilty pleasure but Dan still retains the hairstyle of a boy band member that bounces in the wind when he runs.

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