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Branding VS Sales

Branding VS Sales

So when you’re creating your videos, you need to be aware that it all boils, for us, to two things, branding versus sales, sales versus branding. Now, if your focus is on raising brand awareness and on showing people the values of your company, you’re going to want to be doing your video blogs. People don’t tend to buy just from video blog work, but what it allows you to do is set yourself as an expert within your field. It allows you to build trust, it allows you to show to people ‘this is what we’re about’, they say ‘this is our values’. But, then, if you’re trying to generate cash, you have to be aware that it’s not really high on the sales agenda, for that purpose you’re going to want to create testimonial style videos.¬†Your promo video is going to sit somewhere in the middle, between branding and sales. This is going to be something which showcases your values, it is about your brand and ultimately get’s people to pick up their phone, thanks to your call to action.

Ultimately, you don’t have to just do sales, or just do branding. You can build a strategy that’s based on your budget and goals. I don’t want anybody to go in and think ‘I’m gonna do 12 video blogs, and I’m gonna make loads of money’. Equally, I don’t want people to think, ‘I’m gonna do three testimonial videos, and we’re gonna go viral.’ Those testimonial videos might help you sell more and a promo video will help get your brand out there, but be aware of your strategy¬†and create content that does both jobs.

The percentage of each is up to you and depends on what you’re really doing and aiming for. If you’ve got a sales team out there, and your sales process is meeting somebody, doing a diagnostic, figuring out their needs, before going back and doing a presentation. In the gap between communication, is there a video that you can create to help you keep that lead? Because then that’s sales. But if you’re not going out and meeting clients, then how helpful are your sales videos going to be?

For your social media strategies, you want to be creating content that is for branding. But if you’re not doing social, how effective are these branding videos really going to be?

In the end, it comes down to always being aware of what the purpose of your film is. It is a vital thing, to know what you want your video to achieve. If it’s to educate, then that is a different video than to entertain. If it’s designed to literally ‘stop a thumb from scrolling’, then that’s a completely different video to doing a product demo, or to convert your customer. Take a look at your sales and marketing strategy, and see what the most valuable and effective way to add video would be.

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